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'.Stone Roses Tribute.'

Stone Roses Tribute

This tribute,reproduce the sound and atmosphere the original Stone Roses created with such detailed accuracy, you'd think the Roses had climbed on stage beside them!

The Stone Roses were an one of the most influential rock bands from England, active during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Along with other bands such as the Happy Mondays, they comprised the core of the Madchester Baggy scene, centred around Manchester, England. Their 1989 eponymous debut album quickly achieved the status of a classic in the UK, and topped NME's list of the Greatest Albums of All Time.

'.Rihanna Tribute.'

Rihanna Tribute

As the original Rihanna tribute in the UK, her high energy and exciting set includes all of the chart topper's best hits culminating with the incredible and undoubtedly infectious Umbrella! From the debut 'Pon De Replay', collaborations with Justin Timberlake, T.I & Jay Z, as well as the hard hitting tracks from Rated R. Perusi can provide an uncanny and unmissable set that can cater to any audience, event or venue.

'.Almost Johnny Cash.'

Almost Johnny Cash

Almost Johnny Cash is an authentic portrayal of the music and sound of Johnny Cash, playing all of his hits, both solo and duets with his beloved wife June. The show prides itself on bringing to its audience a feeling of realism of what it may have felt like to witness these two legendary icons in person with all the energy of a live band.

The show itself is split into two distinct halves with the first act focusing on the early Cash years at Sun records and the second moving through the legendary Prison tour and taking inspiration from The Johnny Cash TV Show. With a great authentic wardrobe and superb stage set Almost Johnny Cash aims to bring a breathtaking visual and musical treat.

'.Frank Sinatra Tribute.'

Frank Sinatra Tribute

Arguably the biggest and greatest singing performer of all time is uniquely recreated in this fantastic special tribute performance.

This tribute recreates Sinatra the Superstar with his show. He performs with bands and quality written arrangements or with professional backing tracks, sounded and orchestrated from the original recordings.

He has performed as Frank Sinatra at various prestigious venues and on TV, both at home and abroad.

'.Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band.'

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band

This tribute band believe that being a convincing tribute is more than just looking and sounding like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is about capturing the spirit of the band and not many bands (if any) have such a fun and lively, loving, vibrant and energy filled spirit as these! They are one of the best tributes to RHCP the UK has ever seen.

Hits are performed from the Red Hot Chili Peppers extensive back catalogue. From their first album, "Red Hot Chili Peppers", through "Freaky Styley", "Stadium Arcadium", "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" and many many more…

The band are available for all types of events, small and large

'.Just Like Gaga - Lady Gaga Tribute.'

Just Like Gaga - Lady Gaga Tribute

Just Like Gaga's voice is simply the voice of Gaga!!! The strength, the quality, the range & power are from another planet!

Her dancing ability is jaw droppingly sensational with high kicks, drop splits, amazing dance routines. Her choreography skills truly stand out in this master piece, she fires through her show with such precision and flare with bang on routines to those of gaga's. She explodes with exuberance and energy on stage.

Just Like Gaga's solo show features wild costumes freaky as those featured in Lady Gagas music videos, stunning light show with lasers, top draw logics PA system with sound & light engineer.

'.Bublé Time - Michael Bublé Tribute.'

Bublé Time - Michael Bublé Tribute

With charm, sophistication and a cool, captivating sound Bublé Time is fast becoming the UK's leading Michael Bublé tribute act.

Performing solo or with a live band, Bublé Time pays homage to one of the worlds' greatest performers with a set list that covers songs from Bublé's self titled first album right through to his latest number one album "Crazy Love".

A real appreciation of classic swing and jazz music, infused with a believable and credible performance as Michael Bublé, Bublé Time will wow audiences and entertain young and old alike.c

'.Just Like Tina Turner.'

Just Like Tina Turner

Performing her greatest hits, Just Like Tina Turner is sure to impress. From "What's Love Got To Do With It" to "The Best", this tribute is well regarded as one of the best Tina Turner tributes around!

'.Carpenters Tribute.'

Carpenters Tribute

Following a life long affection with Carpenters music, and being members of the original Carpenters Fan Club, it was a natural progression to follow their musical inspirations and perform one of the best "Tributes to Richard and Karen Carpenter" around today.

Many people have commented on their enthusiasm for the Carpenters and this is evident in their music and on stage. Just like the Carpenters themselves, the tribute have multilayered their tracks with haunting vocals to recreate their unique live sound. The Carpenters would spend hour after hour working to perform pure excellence in the their music and this tribute also bring this to life in their performance.

'.The Beatles Tribute.'

The Beatles Tribute

One of the UK's leading Beatles tribute bands...

Musically, no detail is overlooked to re-create the true sound and excitement of The Beatles, with every song performed totally live and in its original key. Visually, our presentation is as close to the real thing as you can imagine... Close your eyes, could it really be them? Quality stage outfits range from the early Cavern days through to Beatlemania and beyond.

Authentic vocals and instruments, including the McCartney Hofner violin bass, Lennon's Rickenbacker, George's Gretsch and Ringo's Ludwig kit, complete the perfect tribute.

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